The patented Gorillabac Log Lift model 3803 firewood log pull, lift and position attachment platform and aaccessories will:

“Get Your Wood Up” 

Log splitter, Pickup truck or ATV. 

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Be sure Gorillabac is a fit for your splitter



  • Things to Consider When Buying a Gorillabac System

    • Note: Over the years there has been some variations in some Log Splitter Brands design and quality.
    • It is your responsibility to verify your splitter meets the Gorillabac splitter specifications.
    • Gorillabac does not warrant, recommend, approve or accept any liability related to modifications made to the Gorillabac Log Lift System or your log splitter.
    • Note that there may be other log splitter brands and designs that meet specifications for the Gorillabac 3803 log lift system.
  • The Gorillabac system works with most 20 ton – 40 ton gas powered vertical/horizontal log splitters including:

        • SpeeCo
        • County Line
        • Huskee
        • Dirty Hand Tools
        • Black Diamond
        • Crimson
        • Oregon
        • Brave
        • Champion
        • NorthStar
        • Iron and Oak
      • Full Boar
      • DR PRO
      • Craftsman
      • Yard Max- call before ordering. Some models will not provide rated log lift capacity.
      • PowerKNX- call before ordering. Some models will not provide rated log lift capacity.

    Please verify that your log splitter meets the Gorillabac specifications.  Do not hesitate to contact us anytime for assistance. Email-, or call 260-249-9420


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