We make wood processing as easy as sitting in front of a warm fire.

  • The Gorillabac System provides an economical means to eliminate many redundant and tedious handling actions required with firewood retrieval and positioning. It attaches to many log splitter brands and pickup truck providing you with a mechanical means for:
  • 1) Pulling oversized logs out of the woods
    2) Lifting the logs
    3) Positioning logs onto the splitter beam or truck bed
    4) Holding logs while cutting or splitting

Note: Scroll Down to the bottom of this page to find additional Gorillabac 3803 videos including “Gorillabac 3803 Demonstration”, “Pick up Truck Extension” and “Gorillabac 3803 Assembly”. Contact us anytime at 260-249-9420 with questions.

Slide 1

Gorillabac Log Lift attached to a 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical log splitter.


Slide 2

The Gorillabac Log Lift System is complimented with the Gorillabac Grip.

Slide 3

The Gorillabac Grip screws into the firewood log providing an attachment point for the winch cable hook.

Slide 4

The Gorillbac System utilizes a log pull configuration where the winch cable is attached to the Pull Chain with a sliding Pulley Block and Hook.

Slide 5

The 12 volt electric winch is used to pull the log to the splitter.

Slide 6

The Gorillabac Lift Control Arm keeps the operator at a safe distance while pulling, lifting and positioning.

Slide 7

The log is lifted and positioned onto the log splitting beam using the winch and Control Arm.

Slide 8

As splitting takes place, a portion of the log may be split off then rotated and lowered out of the splitting area.

Slide 9

As splitting continues, the main log is split off, rotated and lowered out of the way while smaller pieces are split further.

Watch Gorillabac in Action

  • Log Lift on Log Splitter Demo
  • New Pick Up Truck Extension
  • How to assemble a Log Lift
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