GorillaBac in press.. New Log Lifter for Log Splitters

December 4, 2015   2 Comments

To the log splitting, wood fire home heating nation:

GorillaBac was recently featured in the lastest issue of FarmShow Magazine. The editor bumped something to include the below article in their magazine because he felt GorillaBac was something his readers would want to know about!

Back-Saving “Pull And
Lift” System For Log Splitters

Anyone who’s looking for a safer, easier and more efficient way to split wood will be interested in this new Gorillabac “pull, and lift and position” arm system that’s designed to quickly attach to many brands of log splitters.
The heavy duty design easily pulls logs weighing up to 250 pounds to the splitter, lifts them, and positions them onto the splitter beam. It consists of a patent pending vertical steel arm that clamps onto the I beam of the splitter, and a patented “Screw Ring” that holds into the firewood log, providing an attachment point for a winch cable hook. A sliding pulley block and hook attaches to a pull chain on the lift arm. A 12-volt electric winch is used to pull the log up to the splitter and then lift it onto the table.
“It makes splitting logs a much easier job because rolling logs is eliminated, and repetitive lifting, twisting and bending are no longer required,” says inventor Fred Kalakay. “The lift arm can easily drag a 30-in. dia., 18-in. long log up to 50 ft. and lift it up onto the splitter. It allows splitting of heavy difficult wood and is much easier on your back than working crouched over wrestling logs on your hands and knees.”
The operator attaches the screw ring into the log and hooks the cable onto it, then walks back to the lift arm and hooks the sliding pulley block to the pull chain, which forms a lower anchor point. He uses a remote winch control to pull the log toward the splitter and lift it high enough to clear the work area on top of the splitter. A positioning handle is then used to swing, lower and hold the log on the splitter beam.
“The screw ring forms a safe handhold as you split the log,” says Turczyn. “If the log is really big you can leave the cable attached, split off a portion and then rotate and lower the rest of the log out of the way while you finish splitting the smaller pieces. The system with a 12-volt garden battery can pull, lift and position a 250-lb. log 50 times.”
The system has been tested with Huskee, Country Tuff, County Fair, SpeeCo, Black Diamond, Brave, Dirty Hand Tools, Iron and Oak, Oregon log splitters. “If you have a different splitter brand, please contact us,” says Turczyn.
Contact: FARM SHOW Follow-up, Fred Kalakay, (ph 260 249-9420; info@gorillabac.com; www.gorillabac.com)