GorillaBac Log Lift featured in FarmShow Magazine

May 21, 2020   4 Comments


Gorillabac Log Lift

The remote-controlled, winch-powered Gorillabac Drag/Lift System for Log Splitters and Pickup Truck loading will Pull a 30-inch-diameter, 24-inch-long log from 50 feet away to the splitter then Lift it up onto the splitter beam. The device consists of a vertical steel pole with lift arm at the top (pole clamps to splitter’s I-beam), a screw ring, a cable with hook, a sliding pulley block with hook, a pull chain on the lift arm, and a 12-volt electric winch. The operator screws the ring into the log, hooks the cable onto it, and hooks the sliding pulley block to the pull chain. With the remote, the log is winched toward the splitter then lifted high enough to clear the work area atop the splitter or tailgate. The swing arm’s Positioning handle is used to swing, lower, and Hold the log on the splitter beam, ready for the splitting operations.

A real back saver!