Gorillabac Products are a game changer for Pulling, Lifting and Positioning Logs

The patented Gorillabac model 3803 firewood log Pull, Lift  and Position attachment platform and Accessories will:

“Get Your Wood Up”  

  • Gorillabac 3803
  • Gorillabac Grip 830
  • Gorillabac Pick-up truck Extension 4000 (Coming in September 2018)
  • GorillaBac Model 3803                        (model 830 included)

    Log Splitter / Pickup Truck log Crane Attachment

    (GorillaBac Model 4000 pickup truck extension sold separately)

    Model # 3803

    The versatile 3803 mounting platform, with removable stabilizer foot jack, improves performance and capability.  The Stabilizer foot assembly can be rotated or removed to maximize ground clearance (18″) for storage or field transportation.  The Gorillabac crane works on Log Splitters equipped with adjustable, flip down or stationary type leveling tongue stands.  The 3803 is also manufactured with pilot holes to optionally attach the Gorillabac log lift crane to standard 2″  class III receiver.  This attachment will require the receiver extension Model 4000 sold separately (coming in September 2018).


    We can accept US sales only


  • Gorillabac Grip 830

    Screw Ring attachment tool for wood

    (For attaching firewood for pulling, lifting and positioning)


    model # 830

    The Gorillabac Grip 830 is the right tool for obtaining positive penetration into wood for pulling, lifting and positioning firewood.  The 830 holds the wood and eliminates the hassle of having to repeatedly position chains or tongs when they slip and fall off. (250# rated capacity)


    We can accept US sales only

  • Gorillabac Model 3803 is designed for log splitters with the following specifications:

    • Full-length main beam construction:  I-beam or H-beam main with bottom web width between 4.6 inches and 6.1 inches
    • Hydraulically-powered splitter wedge with fixed end foot plate
    • End foot plate welded flush with bottom I- or H-beam
    • Wheel base width greater than 42 inches
    • Running weight greater than 420 pounds
    • Bottom web beam height (measured from ground) = 19 inches to 28 inches
  • The Gorillabac system has been tested with the following log splitters:

      • Black Diamond
        • 30 Ton
        • 35 Ton
      • Iron and Oak
        • 22 Ton
        • 26 Ton
        • 30 Ton
      • Brave
        • 34 Ton
      • Oregon
        • 28 Ton
      • Dirty Hand Tools
        • 27 Ton
        • 28 Ton
        • 34 Ton
      • SpeeCo
        • 28 Ton
        • 35 Ton
        • Huskee
          • 28 Ton
          • 35 Ton

    Please verify that your log splitter meets the Gorillabac specifications.  Do not hesitate to contact us anytime for assistance. Email- info@gorillabac.com, or call 260-249-9420

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