Log splitters significantly reduce the time and effort required to cut wood. However, the problem of how to handle a log weighing over 100 pounds still exists. Enter Gorillabac…

This Patented attachment lifts and moves logs onto a splitter with almost zero human effort. It is a safe and ergonomic solution for processing various sizes of wood that would normally require strenuous, repetitive motions.

Pat. 9802800, 9150387

  • A log is attached to the cable, which tightens and pulls it toward Gorillabac and the log splitter.
  • The log is then lifted high enough that the bottom of it will clear the work area on top of the log splitter.
  • The Gorillabac positioning handle is then used to swing and lower the log onto the splitter for work.

The Gorillabac Pull and Lift Assist System is available in two models – one for splitters with ADJUSTABLE height supports, and the other for splitters with FIXED height supports.


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